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«You sick zombies»: Russian official creates fake social media page to insult locals

Maxim Khoroshilov, head of the Taman rural settlement in the Krasnodar region, created a fake page on social media under the name “Ioann Luchevnikov” in order to respond to residents who criticized the local administration, according to a post on the Kub Mash Telegram channel.

When asked about the page during a telephone call, the official said it was “an absolute lie,” claiming the profile did not belong to him. Two minutes later, the account of “Ioann Luchevnikov” from Krasnodar was deleted, Kub Mash points out. Luchevnikov's page was linked to Khoroshilov's current mobile number.

  • Khoroshilov's page before being deleted
  • Khoroshilov's page after being deleted

The page was used to leave comments under posts discussing the region's problems – including stray dogs, industrial emissions, and the general indifference of the authorities. In one comment, former Krasnodar mayor Andrey Alekseenko and his wife were called “corrupt bastards,” while local residents who opposed the administration were labeled “scroungers,” “jobless,” and “swindlers.” Notably, there were grammatical errors in many of the words.

The channel also cites other offensive comments written from the official's fake page: “They forgot to ask you, you enema, tell me why they chased you out of the local election commission with a goddamn broom,” “You sick zombies,” “You’ll feel it soon, softie, shut your mouth and quit yapping.”

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