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Citizens previously subject to mobilization being let out of Russia, Baza reports

Russians subject to mobilization have been removed from the database used by border guards. Men are now being let out of Russia, according to a report by media outlet Baza.

Stop-lists began appearing at Russia’s border checkpoints almost immediately after Vladimir Putin declared “partial mobilization.” The database contained citizens who could potentially be mobilized – mostly those who had served or graduated from military departments at Russian universities. If a person on the list attempted to leave Russia, they would be given a refusal note at passport control. According to the outlet, the list has now been removed from the border service’s database.

On October 28, at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported that Russia’s “partial” mobilization had drawn to a close. According to Shoigu, 300,000 servicemen were drafted, no other mobilization assignments were planned, and Russia’s military registration and enlistment offices will continue to accept only volunteers and potential contract soldiers.

According to human rights activist and attorney Pavel Chikov, the law and the decree on Russia’s mobilization allowed it to begin – its end, however, isn’t currently regulated by any legal document, which means that regional authorities have no power to terminate it. Chikov stresses that the need for a new wave of the draft may arise at any moment, adding that the «partial» mobilization regime will continue until Vladimir Putin issues a decree stopping it.

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