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GeoConfirmed: Drones struck at least three Russian ships in Sevastopol harbor

Six to eight sea drones were involved in the attack on Russian ships striking at least three ships, GeoConfirmed analysts believe.

The experts analyzed photo and video materials sourced from eyewitnesses and came to the conclusion that unmanned surface vehicles attacked an Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate, a vessel of the same class as the current Russian Black Sea Navy flagship Admiral Makarov, and the Natya-class minesweeper Ivan Golubets.

According to the analysts, the drones were seen near at least four Russian ships.

The Russians tried to hit the attacking drones, particularly from a helicopter.

According to the experts, two of the sea drones were most likely shot down. In one video, an unmanned surface vehicle strikes the frigate Admiral Makarov, and the video stops, probably because of the explosion.

Another video shows an unmanned surface vehicle attacking the minesweeper Ivan Golubets.

A third video shows an unmanned surface vehicle attacking a third ship.

On October 29, Russia accused Ukraine of attacking Russian Black Sea Fleet ships at the Sevastopol naval base. Local «governor» Mikhail Razvozzhayev said that air defense systems in Sevastopol had been repelling drone attacks for several hours; all of the drones were allegedly shot down, and a surface drone was also destroyed, with no damage to the ships. The Ministry of Defense made a similar report, claiming that only the Ivan Golubets minesweeper was damaged.

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