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TNT suspends filming of comedy shows as comedians flee Russia over war and mobilization — Baza

Russian TV network TNT has suspended the filming of comedy shows, including Comedy Battle and Improvisation, as many comedians have left Russia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine or the announcement of “partial” mobilization in Russia, Baza reports.

According to the Telegram channel, TNT changed its policy after Tina Kandelaki took over as CEO. She opted for more serialized dramas, so shows like Improvisation, Improvisation.Teams, Where's Logic and Two in a Million were suspended indefinitely.

Currently, a new season of Improvisation airs on TNT, but it was filmed in April and has not been renewed since. The show Improvisation.Teams was supposed to air this fall, but TNT did not hold the castings planned for the summer. The new season of Comedy Battle was postponed until next year as some of the comedians left Russia. The web page containing the application form for participating in the casting now displays a 404 error, Baza notes.

Kandelaki claims that viewers will soon learn all the details, but she has not commented on the departure of the comedians from Russia. She reposted Baza's post on her Telegram channel, saying the presentation of TNT's new season was scheduled for Friday, October 28.

«Friends, are you kidding me? Have a little patience and you'll find out everything. This Friday we are presenting TNT’s new season with 60 new projects, wait for the news.»

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