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Berdyansk residents’ phones to be checked by occupiers for subscription to Ukrainian blogs

Residents of the occupied Berdyansk will be checked for subscriptions to Ukrainian media resources, the city’s occupation administration says.

The authorities say it’s a consequence of the martial law imposed by Vladimir Putin in the Zaporizhzhia region. According to the law, it involves the introduction of military censorship:

“Starting today, law enforcers in Berdyansk are commencing selective preventive inspection of cell phones owned by city residents. They are interested in subscriptions to propaganda resources of the terrorist Kyiv regime”.

When conducting checks, law enforcement officers will be guided by the laws on “foreign agents” and the “discreditation” of the Russian army. The occupation administration cites such channels as Berdyansk.Now, Berdyansk Under Occupation and Vaseline as examples of “enemy” resources.

If a Berdyansk resident is found to be subscribed to one of those channels, he will be issued a warning. In the case of repeated violations, he will be fined, and in the event of “malicious violations” the occupation administration threatens the citizens with criminal liability.

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