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Russian Defense Minister Shoigu's daughter may be stripped of Lithuanian citizenship, investigation under way

Lithuanian Department of Migration is looking into double citizenship of businessman Adolfos Kaminskas. Kaminskas is the husband of Elena Kaminskas (Shebunova), mother of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu's children, LRT reports.

Spokesman for the Department of Migration Rokas Pukinskas said that Kaminskas had not informed the agency about dual citizenship within six months as required by the law. If it turns out that he illegally retained Lithuanian citizenship after receiving Russian one, the businessman as well as his minor and adopted children will be deprived of it.

According to Lithuanian law, dual citizenship is allowed only in exceptional cases. For example, if a person was deported from the occupied Lithuania before March 11, 1990 and acquired citizenship of another state.

According to Pukinskas, the notice to that effect was sent to Kaminskas on Monday. It was based on two investigations: one by The Insider and Siena/OCCRP, and the other by the LRT. The former alleges that Kaminskas dramatically increased his wealth after marrying Shebunova. The LRT investigation reveals that Shoigu's illegitimate daughter received Lithuanian citizenship in 2019.

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