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Russian defense minister's daughter found to hold Lithuanian passport, LRT reports

The extramarital daughter of Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Minister of Defense, is a citizen of Lithuania, as LRT reveals in its investigation. She was granted the status in 2019, after her mother Elena Kaminskas (maiden name Shebunova), Shoigu’s former mistress and the mother of his children, married Lithuanian national Adolfas Kaminskas. He acknowledged her as his daughter and applied to the Lithuanian Migration Department on her behalf.

As The Insider wrote earlier, Shebunova and Shoigu have two children together, both born out of wedlock: Daria and Danila. A Russian national, Shebunova obtained a Lithuanian residence permit in 2017 but had it annulled in the summer of 2022 and is currently litigating with the authorities. She challenged the decision at the Migration Department and is awaiting a hearing at the District Administrative Court of Vilnius. As the State Security Department stated to LRT, the Migration Department was informed that Elena Kaminskas’ presence in the republic was undesirable because she may present a threat to national security due to her ties to Russian constituents.

Over the last two years, Shebunova has left Lithuania for a period exceeding six months at least twice; in August 2022, she and her spouse Adolfas Kaminskas announced their intention to leave Lithuania for Russia, according to the investigators. Adolfas Kaminskas was granted a Russian passport in the spring of 2022, based on a Unified State Register of Legal Entities entry dated late April that attributes the ownership of his company, A.E. Invest (OOO), to a Russian national and not a foreigner.

As The Insider found earlier, before marrying Shebunova, Adolfas Kaminskas was a small-time businessman selling motor scooters and spare parts. His marriage did wonders for his entrepreneurial talents, and he soon became the beneficiary of multiple Lithuanian enterprises holding 20 million euros worth of assets across Vilnius.

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