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60-year-old St. Petersburg resident prosecuted over note on grave of Putin's parents

Irina Tsybaneva, a 60-year-old St. Petersburg resident, has become the subject of a criminal case over the “abuse of the bodies of the dead and burial places” due to a note she left on the grave of Vladimir Putin's parents, Mediazona reported citing the detainee's son, Maxim Tsybanev.
The note’s exact contents are unknown, Tsybaneva's son told Mediazona. “But she did say that it was a wish for him to die,” he commented.

Police officers came to the woman's apartment on October 10. After she opened the door, they took her to the police station.
On 11 October, the woman was brought to St. Petersburg’s Primorsky District Court. According to state-appointed lawyer Sergey Trusov, the investigation intends to apply for Tsybaneva's pre-trial detention. Tsybaneva's detention has already been extended by 48 hours.

The incident was not the first such case. Earlier, feminist anti-war activists had already left a note on the grave of Putin's parents (as seen below).

The note read:
“Dear Parents!

Your son is behaving badly! He skips history lessons, fights with his classmates, and is threatening to blow up the whole school. Do something about it!”

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