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Protester’s husband dies in Chechnya after having to beat up his wife and seeing their son off to war

Adam Muratov, the husband of a protester against Putin's mobilization in Chechnya, has passed away from a heart attack. It happened a day after he learned that his 18-year-old son had been forcibly sent to war in Ukraine, the Memorial Human Rights Center reports.

Several women in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, walked out in protest against mobilization on the morning of September 21. It was the first such rally in the last few years, Memorial remarks. The rally was dispersed, as security services encircled the square, detained the women, and transported them to the Mayor’s Office. Their male relatives were also gathered there. They were forced to beat the women, as Kadyrov’s followers threatened to do it themselves and to make it worse.

After that, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov announced that the protesters’ relatives had to be sent to Ukraine. On September 25, Adam Muradov’s 18-year-old son Valid called his family and said he’d been sent to war. He was already on a plane. Two days later, Valid Muradov said he was up for deployment to the frontline. On the next day, his father Adam Muradov dropped dead.

Memorial asserts that the Muradovs are being pressured by security services, who demand a public apology and the withdrawal of their statement about their son’s deployment to the frontline and his mother’s beating.

Adam Muradov is also the uncle of Daud Muradov, who was subjected to torture in Chechnya. In December 2020, Daud was deported to Russia from France, where he’d sought asylum. In Russia, he was charged with terrorist activities. He died in February 2021 in SIZO-1, a detention center in Grozny.

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