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Mobilized men beat up contract soldiers in Moscow region over phone extortion, Baza reports

In a military unit in Alabino near Moscow, Russian mobilized servicemen beat up “gramps”, who were trying to rob them of their gear and cell phones, Baza reports.

According to Baza, the soldiers in the unit demanded that the freshly mobilized men give them their smartphones and some of their clothes. However, the “newcomers” responded by force and started a fight. About 20 contract soldiers were beaten, they locked themselves in one of the rooms and called the police. The military police arrived at the unit, followed by officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Baza claims that ultimately none of the “gramps” filed a complaint with the police.

On September 21, Putin announced “partial” mobilization, after which Shoigu promised to mobilize “about 300,000 reservists.” However, summonses are being handed out to just about everyone, regardless of whether the personal data are up to date. For example, in St. Petersburg, the police handed to a local resident a summons addressed to her uncle, requiring him to come to the military registration and enlistment office, although the uncle had died nine years ago. Read more in the compilation prepared by The Insider.

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