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Freshly mobilized Russians forced to sign report on their “readiness to be sent” to the front

Just-mobilized Russians from a unit in the village of Kniaze-Volkonskoye in Khabarovsk Krai are being forced to sign a report on their “readiness to be sent” to the front, whereafter they are to be sent to war on the next available plane, the Pervyi Otdel Telegram channel reports citing relatives of the draftees.

According to one of the relatives, none of the mobilized men has received an explanation as to what “readiness to be sent” means. The draftees have had no opportunity to receive legal advice. Also, it has not been explained to them when the training will take place.

“These are just guys from the reserve, they are not trained reservists - almost all without combat experience. How long will it (the training) last – and, as a matter of fact, will it be conducted at all?” the interviewee said, perplexed.

The relatives also said the draftees were deprived of their smartphones and were left with only button phones. At the same time, the relatives could not reach the military prosecutor's office.

Pervyi Otdel recommends not to sign a report on one’s “readiness to be sent” to the front. Journalists say that in this way the authorities want to absolve themselves of responsibility for the fact that the conscripts were not prepared for the war. Relatives of the mobilized can personally apply to the military prosecutor's office and write a complaint. If the complaint is not accepted, the case should be publicized on social media and in the mass media.

After the mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin, Russians bought tickets within hours for the next flights to visa-free countries. A multi-kilometer traffic jam had already formed in Upper Lars after 24 hours, and The Insider published a video shot from a copter. There are also queues of cars at Russia’s borders with Kazakhstan and Finland.

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