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Moscow riot police rape activist with a dumbbell for anti-mobilization poetry recital, Novaya Gazeta Europe reports

In Moscow, security services have beaten up activist Artem Kamardin and raped him with a dumbbell for participating in a public poetry recital against mobilization, Novaya Gazeta Europe reports. Activists Artem Kamardin, Alexandra Popova, and Alexander Menyukov were in the same apartment, when the enforcers broke in using an angle grinder. The police did not let their lawyer into the apartment, saying that an investigation was in progress: “The premises are being searched.”

The security service agents “submitted Kamardin to severe beating and inserted a dumbbell into his anus”. After that, they forced the protesters to apologize on camera for saying “Glory to Kyivan Rus” at the recital.

The 112 Telegram channel has posted the video of the “apology”.

All three activists were taken to the Investigative Committee, although their charges remain unclear.

Alexandra Popova has been released from the building of the Investigative Committee. By her own account, the investigators used superglue to glue stickers to her face, pulled her hair off, showed the video with Kamardin's apologies, and threatened her with gang rape, SOTA reports. During the “interrogation”, she heard the screams of her fellow activist as he was being raped with the dumbbell.

On September 25, the Mayakovsky Readings took place in Moscow, bringing together poetry lovers who recited poetry near the monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky. The activists characterized the action as a protest against mobilization. Kamardin also contributed.

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