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Head of Ust-Ilimsk military enlistment office shot at work — VIDEO

Aleksandr Yeliseyev, head of the Ust-Ilimsk military enlistment office, was shot at his workplace; now he is in intensive care in a grave condition, Mash reports citing eyewitnesses.

According to Mash, the shooter went inside the building, said the words: «No one will fight» and fired a shotgun. He was then detained. According to Baza, he also said another phrase before the shots were fired: «Now we’ll all go home.»

Later, Mash specified that the shooter's name was Ruslan Zinin and he was 25 years old. A video of his detention has been posted online:

In Russia, after the announcement of mobilization people began setting military recruitment offices and administrative buildings on fire with renewed vigor. The burning of military enlistment offices all over the country began immediately after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, but now such actions seem to have become widespread.

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