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Former Mongolian president calls on Buryats to flee to Mongolia instead of fighting in Ukraine

Mr. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, the former president of Mongolia, has called on Buryats, a Russian ethnic minority, to flee to Mongolia to avoid mobilization to war in Ukraine. He recorded his video address to the Buryats in English.

“I know that, since the start of this bloody war, ethnic minorities who live in Russia have suffered the most. The Buryat Mongols, the Tuva Mongols, and the Kalmyk Mongols have suffered a lot. They have been used as nothing more than cannon fodder. Hundreds of them are wounded. Thousands have been killed. We, the Mongols, will welcome you with open arms and hearts as well,” the former Mongolian leader declared.

“Don’t shoot Ukrainians. Don't shoot your sisters and brothers, children and elders,” implored Elbegdorj.

He also appealed to the Russian president Vladimir Putin: “Do not kill that country. Do not kill their freedom. Ukraine has a full right to exist.”

The Mongolian politician also added that the better part of the world has sided with Ukraine, lauded Ukrainian courage, and praised Volodymyr Zelensky’s leadership. “You are an inspiration. When you win, all people will win,” he said, before concluding his speech with the Ukrainian salute “Glory to the heroes!” in the original.

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