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63-year-old pensioner with diabetes and brain ischemia mobilized in Volgograd region, Baza reports

In Krasnoslobodsk, Volgograd region, a 63-year-old man with second-degree diabetes and cerebral ischemia was drafted as part of the mobilization, Baza reports.

Yermolaev is a lieutenant colonel in reserve; before his retirement he was deputy commander of a military unit in charge of logistics and deputy director of a plant for destruction of chemical weapons. According to Baza, he received a summons at 6 am on September 22 from Nikolai Patrin, head of the Sredneakhtubinsk District. Patrikov said he was only “assisting the military enlistment office” and it was for the military department to decide whom to draft or not (according to Baza).

Later, Yermolayev was taken to Zelenyi Island for a medical examination. Baza reports that nine people were found unfit for military service after they underwent the examination. Yermolayev was told by the doctor that he was “fir to go to the front” despite his diabetes and ischemia.

As a result, immediately after the medical examination the pensioner was sent to the Prudboy range in the settlement of Novyi Rogachik. Baza reports that the mobilized men will undergo two weeks of training there before being sent to the war.

It is noteworthy that earlier the Defense Ministry said that lieutenant colonels are subject to mobilization only up to the age of 55. Only high-ranking officers, from Major General or Rear Admiral and up, will be drafted until they are 65.

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