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Students snatched from classes in Ulan-Ude as part of mobilization.

In Ulan-Ude, students of the Buryat State University who are subject to mobilization are being taken right from classes, The Village reports citing one of the witnesses.

The posted footage shows a line of men escorted by police officers. A second video shows police officers and buses, which are likely there to pick up the mobilized men. According to locals, police were at the university as early as 7:48.

«The cops are in my building, around 10-15 people,» one of the young men wrote in a students' chat room (quoted by The Village).

Earlier The Insider's bot received information that teachers from Ulan-Ude were forced to write and distribute summonses around the city on the night of September 22 intended for individuals who were to be mobilized. This information was confirmed by Alexandra Garmazhapova, head of the Free Buryatia Foundation.

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