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RT: Navalny may face another 15 years in prison for «criminal activity while in custody»

A new criminal case has been opened against Alexei Navalny, RT reports, citing its sources. They say Navalny will be tried for «criminal» activities, which he carried on while in prison.

«The new criminal case relates to criminal activities that Navalny, according to investigators, carried on while already in prison. <...> According to the case materials, at the time, the FBK leadership and its founder personally urged their supporters to attend unauthorized rallies against the special military operation,» the TV channel reports.

According to RT's sources, Navalny's activities proved «particularly destructive» amid the war in Ukraine and he now faces «an additional 15-year sentence.»

«Navalny has called on activists to overthrow the government, among other things. According to sources, he personally directed the actions of his supporters, which the investigation views as extremist,» RT reports.

Earlier, a court sentenced Alexei Navalny to 9 years in strict regime for «fraud and contempt of court.» During the trial, which lasted over a month, 16 prosecution witnesses were questioned. Ex-FBK employee Fedor Gorozhanko, who called the charges against Navalny absurd and said that during his interrogation the investigators pressured him, was among the «victims». Another victim, Mikhail Kostenko, said at a hearing that he had no claims against Navalny.

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