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“LNR” General Prosecutor Sergey Gorenko killed in explosion in his office, Russian state news agency reports

The general prosecutor of the so-called LNR, Sergei Gorenko, was killed in an explosion in his own office in Luhansk, Interfax reports citing a source. The pro-Russian war correspondent Yuri Kotenok and the Telegram channel 112 also reported on Gorenko's death. Officially, the “authorities” of the republic have not confirmed the news.

It is reported that Gorenko's deputy Yekaterina Steglenko was also injured in the explosion in his office.

UPD: The explosion in Luhansk killed not only the LNR General Prosecutor but also his deputy.

Earlier, TASS, citing a source, reported that Gorenko was wounded in the explosion. According to an “LNR” People's Militia offcier, an improvised explosive device went off in the building. Preliminary investigation suggests it was a terrorist attack, the agency says. At the same time, the state media did not report on the general prosecutor’s death.

The explosion in the office of the “LNR” general prosecutor was earlier reported by TASS, which cited a source in the prosecutor’s office. Employees of the prosecutor's office have been evacuated; Emergencies Ministry officers and sappers are working at the scene. According to a source quoted by Baza, one person was killed and one wounded, their identities unspecified. A spokesman for the “LNR” People's Militia, Andrei Marochko, also reported casualties.

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