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Melekhovo inmates banned from looking at Navalny

Inmates of Penal Colony 6 in the settlement of Melekhovo, Vladimir Region, are prohibited from looking at politician Alexei Navalny, who is also serving a sentence there, relatives of inmates told the YouTube channel Popular Politics.

According to them, when Navalny is being led through the penal colony, three buzzes sound. That means that prisoners have to look away. And if Navalny is outdoors at the time, inmates have to move away from the windows. Olga Romanova, head of the Russia Behind Bars human rights organization, confirmed the information in the same video.

Earlier, attorney-client privilege was lifted for Navalny. Now all of his incoming and outgoing privileged documents will be subject to a three-day check. Besides, in early September, the politician was sent to a punishment cell for the fourth time and was also deprived of visits.

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