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AFU breach Russian lines near Kharkov as Putin celebrates Moscow anniversary

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have breached enemy lines near Kharkiv and continue their offensive towards Kharkiv; as of 16:30 on September 10 the AFU have occupied the western part of the city of Kupyansk. Russian Telegram channels have confirmed the situation in the city by distributing an up-to-date map.

The Russian Defense Ministry does not acknowledge the loss of control over part of the occupied territories, and President Vladimir Putin is busy celebrating the 875th anniversary of Moscow, walking around Zaryadye and opening the Ferris wheel at VDNKh.

By that time, a reconnaissance company of the 25th Airborne Brigade and 3rd regiment of the AFU Spetsnaz had already approached the entrances to Izyum, but the situation in the city remains uncertain. The Ukrainian Telegram channel Operativny ZSU posted a video showing soldiers at the northern entrance to the city. The geolocation data confirm the location of the filming site. There is fighting going on at the southern flank of the Russian grouping near Liman.

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