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Three killed and two wounded in shootout between Russian soldiers and FSB officers in Kherson

In Russian-occupied Kherson, Russian servicemen and Federal Security Service officers engaged in a shootout that resulted in three of them being killed and two wounded, Yahoo News reports citing a statement prepared by the Military Investigation Department for the Russian Black Sea Fleet of the Investigative Committee.

According to the document, the shootout occurred on June 19, around 8 pm. According to the IC, four servicemen of the Temporary Operational Group No. 9 of the Federal Security Service of Russia - Igor Yakubinsky, Sergey Privalov, D.A. Borodin, and another officer, whose name has not been revealed, entered the Eda.Topi cafe on Ushakov Street, and found there two contract servicemen – Sergeant Sergei Obukhov and Junior Sergeant Igor Sudin. According to the IC document, Sudin and Obukhov “were loitering, drinking alcohol beverages.”

The FSB officers admonished Obukhov and Sudin over drinking alcohol in uniform and with weapons, the report said. In response, Obukhov, according to the IC, pulled out a gun and shot at the floor. Privalov tried to snatch the gun from him, whereafter Sudin, “who stood behind Obukhov,” started firing his AK-74 assault rifle at the officers; Privalov and Yakubinsky returned fire.

Obukhov, Privalov, and Yakubinsky, according to the document, “died on the spot,” while Borodin and Sudin were “hospitalized in Federal Naval Clinical Hospital No. 1427 of the Russian Defense Ministry located in Sevastopol with wounds of various degrees of severity. The fourth FSB officer, whose identity has not been revealed in the document, fled the scene.

Obukhov, 28, and Sudin, 31, served in the Russian military unit known as the 8th Artillery Regiment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

It is reported that a criminal case has been opened in connection with the shooting. The case is being handled by V.O. Savchenko of the Military Investigation Directorate.

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