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Russians buying up iodine pills and dosimeters amid fears of nuclear war

Since March Russians have been buying up potassium iodide pills needed by people exposed to radiation. In spring and summer iodine pill sales on Ozon and Wildberries have increased several times, according to the analytical service Moneyplace cited by Forbes.

Thus, demand grew by 103% in April compared to March, by 40% in May compared to April, and by 42% in July compared to June. Demand dropped in August. “Emotion-driven purchases have already been made,” analysts say.

Iodine+Selenium pills from Biacon, potassium iodide pills from Consumed, Liquid Iodine capsules from Maxler and iodine capsules from GLS were the best-selling products.

Russians have also been panic buying radiation measuring devices. From August 1 to August 22 sales of dosimeters on Ozon and Wildberries increased by 161% compared to July.

Purchases are being made amid news of a possible nuclear war, Moneyplace experts explain. For example, the situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which was seized by Russian troops, escalated in August: the Russian and Ukrainian sides repeatedly accused each other of shelling the power plant. Russia has been storing ammunition right at the plant, dangerously close to the power units. On August 25, British military intelligence displayed satellite images showing Russian military vehicles and armored personnel carriers parked within 60 meters of the reactor.

According to UN Secretary General António Guterres, the risk of nuclear catastrophe has become the highest in decades.

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