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“Over these six months, we have changed history, the world, and ourselves” Zelensky addresses the nation on Independence Day

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has addressed the people of Ukraine on the national Independence Day. “Over these six months, we have changed history, changed the world, and changed ourselves. Now we know for sure who is truly a brother and a friend to us, and who is not even a casual acquaintance. Who stayed true to their name and reputation, and who feared lest the terrorists should disgrace themselves,” said the President.

Zelensky underlined that Ukrainians would spend this day in trenches and dugouts, tanks and armored infantry vehicles, at sea and on land.

“Some are on the road, in cars or trucks, or on trains. Some are fighting for independence by delivering what is necessary to those on the frontline. Some are on their phones or computers, also fighting for independence by raising funds so that those on the road have something to bring to those on the frontline. We are facing this day in different circumstances, conditions, and even in different time zones, but with a single goal: protecting Ukraine’s independence and ensuring its victory!” Zelensky announced.

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