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Russia Today U.S. correspondent accused of sexual coercion

RT correspondent Caleb Maupin, head of the Center for Political Innovation (CPI), an American NGO, was accused of violence and sexual harassment by several of his subordinates. CPI then released a statement announcing that Maupin was being expelled from the organization. The organization soon announced its dissolution.

The harassment statement was published August 20 on the blogging platform Medium. It said, on behalf of several female CPI employees, that Maupin “over the years has subjected members of CPI to various forms of abuse and exploitation.” In particular, it says that Maupin pushed out young women who refused to have sex with him from the organization. He paid money to one member who was in very difficult financial circumstances to have sexual intercourse with her.

Maupin has been a part-time reporter for Russia Today in America, and he is also known as the author of the “Anti-Imperialist Conference,” which was held in Chicago on August 6, 2022. The conference began with two CPI members marching to the International with the American flag and the Soviet victory banner, with the other members of the organization lined up in front of the stage. They held flags of China, “DNR” and a banner with the letter Z in their hands.

The regional representative of the African People's Socialist Party gave a speech about the FBI raid on their offices and the long history of state repression against anti-imperialists. Then former Joe Biden staffer Tara Reid talked about how the media came down on her after she publicly claimed that Biden had raped her. The discussion concluded with a conversation between radio host and former detective Garland Nixon and Marxist-Leninist truck driver Dust James.

Caleb Maupin worked for Russian propaganda in more ways than just Russia Today. In 2020, he published a piece on Alexei Navalny's team in the American edition of The Greanville Post. The article was instantly reprinted by the Russian pro-government media. The article accused Navalny and his entourage of hypocrisy because they “said nothing about the many election violations in the United States.” Maupin also wrote that “the CIA and other western intelligence agencies are utilizing Navalny’s efforts.”

“In reality, [Russian oppositionists] functioned as “useful idiots” for western capitalism, marching for “human rights” in order to pave the way for the economic wrecking ball of the IMF and World Bank to destroy the lives of their countryfolk. Russia has many dissidents, of both leftist and right-wing persuasions. The Communist Party holds seats in the Duma and has long criticized Putin’s leadership. The Liberal Democratic Party is equally critical, and also holds elected office. However, Navalny’s slick “dissent” seems to follow an odd pattern of serving Wall Street’s short-term needs.”

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