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Suicidal, uneducated, unemployed, shaved her head, LGBT. Senator Isakov publicly disowns daughter who spoke out against war

Federation Council Senator Eduard Isakov commented on an interview given by his daughter, 25-year-old Diana, who spoke out against the war and also attended anti-war protests. He said he hadn't been involved in her upbringing since she was three years old, and now he's stopped communicating with her and supporting her since she had “sold her father, her family, her motherland, and left Russia.” Diana said in an interview that Isakov had been paying alimony, but they hadn’t been closely connected.

“Friends, my phone is ringing off the hook today. Media outlets, that had been recognized as foreign agents, have published an interview with Diana, my eldest daughter from my first marriage. She is speaking out against the special military operation, against her country's policy. Apparently, she received money from those media outlets, in other words, she sold out her father, her family, her homeland, and left Russia. It's hard to choose words when your daughter turns out to be a traitor.
In April Diana took part in a rally against the SMO. When I found out about it, I tried to explain to her the necessity of the SMO, suggested that she visit the places of military glory of the Soviet people, read about the history of her country. I suggested that she go to Donbas as a volunteer, to help people who had been at war for eight years, and learn first-hand the reasons for the SMO.
But, unfortunately, my daughter only wants to hype on such a serious topic, so she turned to the media, telling them about her position, not forgetting to mention she was the daughter of a senator.
As it happens, I haven't been raising Diane since she was three years old. Now she is 25. She is registered with the psychoneurological dispensary in the city of Yugorsk, where she is from, due to suicide attempts. It is difficult to communicate with her.
For three years she claimed to be LGBT, shaved her head and dressed as a boy, then started dating a man and decided she was a girl after all. Diana has no education; she graduated from high school and did not want to study further. She hasn’t worked a day, asking me for money to support herself.
From the moment I found out she was anti-Russian, we stopped communicating, I stooped supporting her, I‘m not providing her with a place to live. I thought she would find a job, begin her adult life and think like an adult. But she decided to make money by selling her interview and introducing herself as the daughter of a senator.”

Diana is the eldest daughter of Senator Isakov. In an interview, she said that communication with her father fell to a minimum after she graduated from high school. According to her, there was never any talk of patriotism in the family, Isakov started making statements only after he went into politics. Diana said she loved Russia, but without fanatical worship of the country's authorities.

Isakov graduated from a university in 2004, when he was 31. The same year he joined United Russia.

Isakov supported Russia's invasion of Ukraine, saying that the Ukrainian people must be saved from the neo-Nazis.

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