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Russians banned from taking TOEFL test, Mediazona reports

ETS which organizes the TOEFL English language examination has forbidden Russian citizens to take the test, Mediazona has learned. The ban has been ascertained by the publication.

A reader told the editors about the ban. The following entry has appeared in her account on the exam’s website: «In order to comply with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) requirements, your access to TOEFL products and services is limited». The same entry appeared in the account of a Mediazona journalist. Russians also cannot send the results of tests they have already taken to universities, the publication reports.

ETS responded to a letter from the reader, saying that Russians and citizens of North Korea are not allowed to sign up for exams or create accounts in accordance with requirements of the U.S. Treasury Department; it did not, however, explain what those requirements were and where they were officially listed.

A ban on taking tests in Russia and Belarus was introduced by ETS back in March. The same restriction was introduced by IELTS. But so far there has been no information on the TOEFL ban. TOEFL and IELTS certificates are required for admission to many foreign universities.

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