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We now know the names of 17 Russian “balkers” imprisoned in an abandoned penal colony in Luhansk

The Insider has been able to identify some of the Russian soldiers who are being forcibly kept in Penal Colony No. 19 in the community of Krasnyi Luch outside Luhansk for their refusal to wage war in Ukraine. At least 17 men, whose names we have found out, are being incarcerated and subjected to forced labor by their commanders – and shelled by the AFU. The oldest is 33, but most are from 20 to 26 years of age. The total number of prisoners may reach 133. Their parents, who have traveled to Luhansk to demand their release and find out the grounds for their detention, are trying to get them out.

Here is the list of “balkers” whose names we know:

· Evgeny Velichko, 26.09.1998

· Vitaly Bezzabara, 16.11.1997

· Vseslav Tadyzhekov, 22.06.1990 Gorno-Altaysk State University, Gorno-Altaysk

· Maxim Kochetkov, 02.03.2002

· Maxim Dubrovsky, 25.04.1989

· Igor Salakhov, 07.03.2003

· Rodion Mikhnovets, 27.04.2000

· Konstantin Lushnov, 08.08.1994

· Yegor Loskutov, 08.06.2001

· Yaroslav Ivanov, 22.09.2001

· Nikolai Darich, 04.06.2001

· Maxim Polezhai, 15.09.1993

· Evgeny Nosyrev, 02.07.2000

· Nauryzbai Mukhamadiev, 21.03.1996

· Marat Nurmamedov, 03.03.1992

· Alexander Shaludkin, 22.11.2001

· Pavel Mochalov, 31.05.1990

We have been able to glean some information on them from social media.

Vseslav Tadyzhekov, 32, Gorno-Altaysk

Maxim Kochetkov, 20, Tymovskoye, Sakhalin

Rodion Mikhnovets, 22, Kurilsk/Semiluki

Yegor Loskutov, 21, Barnaul/Zelenaya Polyana

Yaroslav Ivanov, 22, Krasnodar

Maxim Polezhai, 30, Novosibirsk

Marat Nurmamedov, 30, Sakhalin

Evgeny Nosyrev, 22, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

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