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In 2021, Alina Kabaeva’s foundation received $3.8 million in donations – as opposed to zero in the previous years

In 2021, the charity foundation of former Olympic gymnast and Vladimir Putin's mistress Alina Kabaeva received 281.2 million rubles (~$3.8 million) in its bank account. Previously, the organization had had no history of donations, according to Mozhem Obyasnit (“We Can Explain”) Telegram channel.

Its authors examined the foundation's papers on the website of the Bookkeeping Public Information Portal (GIR BO) As it turned out, voluntary donations accounted for 74 million rubles, while the remaining 141 million rubles were earned. The donor’s names are unknown, as the website holds no information about their identities.

Furthermore, the foundation's accounts receivable skyrocketed from 3.6 to 30.8 million rubles in 2021, and its balance sheet total grew from 46 to 92 million. In the same year, the foundation reported charity expenses of 27 million rubles and almost 8 million in administrative expenses.

According to data from the SPARK system, Putin’s mistress’ foundation did not receive any money in 2020 or 2019, in either earning or donations. This is further confirmed by its financial statement representations, which have been removed from the register (still at the channel disposal).

Since the war broke out, Canada, the UK, and the EU have placed Kabaeva on the sanctions list. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the US has also prepared a set of sanctions against Putin's mistress but hesitates to enforce them. According to WSJ, American officials are concerned that Putin may take sanctions against Kabaeva personally.

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