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Three children killed in missile attack on Vinnytsia, total death toll rises to 20 — Zelensky's Office

The death toll of the missile attack on Vinnytsia has risen to 20, with three children among the dead. The figures are given by the deputy head of the Ukrainian Presidential Office Kirill Timoshenko. According to him, 90 people sought medical aid in hospitals.

Tymoshenko claims central Vinnytsia was struck by Russian Kalibr cruise missiles launched from a submarine in the Black Sea.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky published a video of the aftermath of the strike in his Telegram channel.

«Vinnytsia. Rocket strikes the city center. There are wounded and dead, a small child among them. <the post was published when only one child was known to have died - The Insider> Every day Russia kills civilians, murders Ukrainian children, fires missiles at civilian sites, where there are no military facilities. What is this if not an overt act of terrorism? The monsters. A country of murderers. A terrorist country,» Zelensky wrote.

Photos of the aftermath of the missile attack on the city are being published in the media:

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