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“Morally and physically exhausted”: wives of Russian military servicemen want their husbands back from Ukraine

Wives of servicemen from military unit 46108 located near Ulan-Ude, petitioned the head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov to send their husbands and sons back home. Vera Partilkhaeva, one of the petitioners, posted a video of the petition on her Instagram page.

The petitioners say that the servicemen from the 5th Tatsin Tank Brigade “left for exercises in Belarus in January,” and since February 24 “have been involved in a special operation.” “They are morally and physically exhausted,” the women say. Many of them have been wounded, but denied medical care, the petition says. “All of them have light or moderate contusions.”

“We ask that the question of having the servicemen of military unit 46108 replaced, rotated and sent to the place of permanent deployment be considered,” the petitioners say.

Soldiers from the brigade have indeed been actively participating in combat operations in Ukraine. Two of them, Bayaskhalan Shultumov and Pavel Aganaev, are accused by Ukrainian prosecutors of violating the law on “rules and customs of war”: according to the prosecutor’s office, they robbed a house in the village of Buzovo, Bucha district, in March. According to Agentstvo’s reckoning, at least 14 servicemen from that unit had been killed in Ukraine as of early April.

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