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Russian missiles hit shopping mall with over a thousand people in Kremenchug, Vladimir Zelensky says

Russian missiles hit a shopping center in Kremenchug, with more than a thousand people on the premises, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said. He published a video of the fire in his Telegram channel.

«The mall is on fire, rescuers are fighting the fire, the death toll is impossible to imagine. No danger to the Russian army. No strategic value. Just people trying to live a normal life, which makes the occupiers so angry. Russia continues to take out its powerlessness on ordinary citizens. It is useless to hope for adequacy and humanity on its part.»

As The Insider's correspondent reports, the shopping center is across the street from the Kredmash factory, a manufacturer of asphalt and concrete production equipment. Russia fired a total of three missiles, two of which hit the shopping center and the third hit the factory.

Dmitry Lunin, head of the Poltava OVA, was the first to report the strikes on Kremenchug in his Telegram channel.

«Strikes on Kremenchug. Details later. Stay in shelters! A civilian facility has been hit. Unfortunately, there are casualties.»

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexei Goncharenko says in his Telegram channel there were «two strikes» on the city. According to him, a large number of people were killed as a result of the strike, but the deputy did not specify the exact death toll.

«Russists, burn in hell. Kremenchug. A very crowded place has been hit. We will not be posting photos or videos. All hopes are on the rescuers and doctors. Many people have been killed».

The information was confirmed by the City Mayor Vitaly Maletsky on his Facebook page: «The missile hit a very crowded place in Kremenchug, which is 100% unrelated to military action. People have been killed and injured. Together with all the relevant services I am on the scene of the tragedy.»

Earlier, an air raid alert was declared in the Poltava region, explosions were heard in the city, the Mayor of Poltava Alexander Mamay reported. He later announced the cancellation of the air-raid alert.

On June 26, Kyiv came under rocket fire. A shell hit a nine-story apartment building in the Shevchenkivskyi district, three upper floors were destroyed. At least one person was killed and two were hospitalized as a result of the shelling. The Russian military also fired 24 missiles on the outskirts of Zhytomyr from planes that had entered Ukraine from the territory of Belarus,

Mayor of Zhytomyr Sergei Sukhomlin said. The head of the regional administration, Vitaliy Bunechko, said that 30 missiles were fired at the region, one military serviceman was killed and another one wounded.

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