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Navalny put in “prison inside prison” to cut him off from communication and news, his daughter says

Darya Navalny, daughter of oppositionist Alexei Navalny, said in an interview to CNN that the high-security penal colony in Melekhovo created conditions for her father that completely deprived him of communication and information.

“They fenced off a separate barracks on the grounds to really create a prison inside the prison prevent him from speaking in public and isolate him from any news. They never let him out, they don't allow people to communicate with him,” Navalnaya said.

She called such conditions “psychological torture for anyone.”

Last week Alexei Navalny was transferred from penal colony No. 2 in Pokrov, where he had been kept since 2021 after his suspended sentence was changed to a custodial one. Later, his lawyers found the politician in penal colony No. 6 in Melekhovo. Navalny himself wrote in an Instagram post he was still «in quarantine, so there is not much to say.”

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