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Mass grave found near Bucha containing bodies of civilians shot in knees, hands tied behind backs, Kyiv region chief of police reports

Another mass grave with bodies of civilians was found in the Bucha district, Andriy Nebytov chief of police of the Kyiv region, wrote on his Facebook page.

“The Russians tortured and then brutally executed 7 civilians with shots to the head. This mass burial of executed civilians was found today at the place where Russian troops had been stationed near the village of Mirotskoe, Bucha district. Many of the victims had their hands tied and had been shot in the knees. We are now working to identify the dead. This is yet another sadistic crime of the Russian army in the Kyiv region! For every life destroyed, for the pain and suffering of Ukrainians, for the destruction of our cities and towns, the occupiers must answer.”

Earlier it was reported that the National Police of Ukraine has launched a criminal investigation into the deaths of more than 12,000 civilians. 1200 bodies, including those found in mass graves, have not yet been identified.

In total, more than 1,200 murdered locals were found in the Kyiev region after the retreat of the Russian army. For example, in Bucha, which was liberated on April 2, the Russian military left behind streets strewn with corpses. Some of the dead had their hands tied behind their backs and some died from shots to the back of their heads. The Insider spoke to residents of Bucha, and they described how the Russian military shot random passersby, looted homes, and prevented people from leaving. In May, The New York Times published new evidence of the Russian military killing Bucha residents. The newspaper posted a video that proves Russian soldiers executed eight unarmed residents of Bucha in the Kyiv region on March 4.

Russia’s war crimes have been condemned by European leaders, while the Russian Defense Ministry and Russian President Vladimir Putin called the murders in Bucha a fake and a provocation. On April 28, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine published a list of Russian soldiers involved in the crimes in Bucha. The SBU identified almost 900 suspects involved in the crimes committed in the Kyiv region.

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