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Ukraine’s National Police investigating over 12,000 civilian deaths, 1,200 bodies still unidentified

The National Police of Ukraine has launched criminal investigation into the deaths of more than 12,000 civilians. 1,200 bodies, including those found in mass graves, have yet to be identified, Chief of Police Igor Klimenko said in an interview to Interfax Ukraine.

According to him, about 75% of the dead are men, around 2% of the dead are children and the rest are women.

He said more than 1,500 people were killed in the Kiev region alone. According to him, the Russian military shot them from tanks and armored personnel carriers, despite the fact that people were wearing white armbands, the Russian army’s identification friend or foe sign used, according to their own decree.

Klimenko added that many people were found dead in their homes: “When our bomb technicians, forensic experts and investigators went into the apartments, they found those bodies. As a rule, those people died of mine blast injuries.”

The Chief of the National Police noted it’s too early to give specific data on the mass graves, as there are new bodies every week. He also spoke about the exhumation and identification procedure:

“We take DNA samples from those relatives who have contacted our hotline, then we compare the profiles of those relatives with the profiles of the dead, buried, and shot who could not be identified. Only blood relatives are suitable for this purpose – moms, dads, non-adopted children. That’s the only way we work.”

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