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Prosecutor orders Russian anti-war musician’s radio show off air

Boris Grebenshchikov’s Aerostat show which was to air on Nashe Radio was taken off the air, according to Mikhail Kozyrev, the founder of Nashe Radio. This happened after a call from the prosecutor’s office and mass criticism of Grebenshchikov on social networks over his anti-war stance.

“For many years Boris Grebenshchikov had been recording the Aerostat show, which aired on Radio Russia and Radio Kultura. After Boris Borisovich took an anti-war stance on what was happening in Ukraine, the show was taken off the air (by the way, after 888 episodes had aired). Nashe Radio offered its assistance. Yesterday, the radio station announced it would be hosting Aerostat from now on.
What happened in one day?
- There was a flurry of calls on social media to protest against Nashe Radio’s hosting the show;
- In the morning the prosecutor’s office called saying they would send a team to inspect the station;
- An attack by ”outraged“ listeners was launched on the station’s social media pages and website;
- The station management decided to cancel the premiere and apologized to Grebenshikov.
That was it.
Fifteen hours passed between the announcement and the cancellation,” Kozyrev said.

Opponents of Grebenshchikov wrote that the musician allegedly donated 12 million euros to “murdering Russian people.” Grebenshchikov himself denied the allegation specifying he had no such money. According to him, 12 million euros in aid to Ukraine was donated by the organizers of a music festival in Berlin, in which he took part.

Earlier Grebenshchikov told The Insider in an interview before the concert at the SlovoNovo free culture forum in Tel Aviv why one should speak out against the war, even when there is no hope to make a difference.

Since the war began, dozens of showbiz representatives from Ukraine have been banned from entering Russia for 50 years, including Verka Serdyuchka (Andrei Danilko), Anton Ptushkin, Svetlana Loboda, Zhenya Milkovsky.

In May, band leader of DDT Yury Shevchuk was accused of discrediting the Russian Armed Forces after his performance in Ufa.

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