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Federation Council calls for history textbooks review to bolster national security

The Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture asked the chairman of the Russian Historical Society (and head of SVR) Sergei Naryshkin to examine school history textbooks for compliance with the historical and cultural standards, TASS reports.

“The committee insists on updating the list of textbooks on humanities disciplines, filling them with vivid and emotional examples of genuine service to the fatherland, courage and heroism shown in the defense of the motherland,” deputy chairman of the committee Ekaterina Altabayeva stated. In her opinion, the current situation requires a special attitude to the contents of history, Russian language, literature, and social studies textbooks. “Today it is one of the aspects of the country’s national security,” Altabaeva says.

According to her, the committee has already received a response from the Ministry of Education on the issue, but “it’s unsatisfactory”.

In late April, Mediazona wrote that the Prosveshchenie publishing house had been removing “incorrect” references to Ukraine and Kiev from all school textbooks. This work began immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24. “That is, we face the task of making it look as if Ukraine simply does not exist,” one of the textbook editors told the publication.

Earlier it was reported that Russian schools will teach history starting from the first grade.

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