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Putin's phone-in session canceled in June, postponed indefinitely. Over the last 21 years, it only happened once

Russian president Vladimir Putin will not be holding his annual phone-in session in June 2022, the President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov announced to TASS.

“The phone-in session cannot take place this month,” Peskov said in response to the question about the annual event planned for this June and whether the President will take questions from the residents and troops of Donbas. “Consequently, the latter part of what you said cannot happen either.”

Peskov added that the new date of the phone-in session “has not been set” but that “routine preparations are ongoing”.

Vladimir Putin’s phone-in sessions have been an annual affair since 2001. He only broke the tradition once, in 2004, replacing the session with a high-end press conference in the Kremlin.

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