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The Ukrainian government has supported a bill that allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes, Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities will establish strict control over the cultivation of cannabis, as well as the production and sale of medicines containing cannabinoids: this is necessary to create conditions to increase patients' access to necessary treatment for cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from war. «We're aware of the number of people who will need medication as a result of the exposure. And we understand there's no time to wait,» Lyashko said.

«Medical cannabis contains cannabidiol which has no pronounced psychoactive effect, so it is not sought-after for recreational use,» the official explained. Lyashko assured that the government is ready to gradually develop this industry, demonstrating the results of treatment and assistance to Ukrainian patients.

At the end of 2020, the UN removed medical cannabis from the category of the world's most dangerous drugs.

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