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RT shows Russian tank shooting at a house in Mariupol «to eliminate Azov fighters». Bodies of six civilians later found in the ruins

The RT television channel published a video of Russian troops shooting at a low-rise house in Mariupol. The caption claimed that the Russian tank was “shooting at the detected sniper positions of Azov Regiment Nazis”. The video was posted on March 19. On June 2, the bodies of killed civilians were found in the ruins of the building. Petro Andriushchenko, advisor to the Mariupol mayor, has confirmed this data to The Insider:

“The locals have informed me that the bodies of civilians were found in the rubble. There were never any troops in the house, only civilian residents.”

Upon the RT video publication, social media users identified the location as the vicinity of Pashkovskogo Street and Pervogo Maya Avenue. The video was made by the channel's stringer Andrei Filatov, with one of the cameras attached to the Russian tank that was doing the shooting.

On June 3, Andriushchenko wrote that Russian troops had begun to clean up the debris and “destroy the evidence of their crimes”. According to him, on June 2, six civilians’ bodies were retrieved from under the rubble in one of the houses shelled by the tank: five male and one female. The Russian military immediately moved them to a mass grave in the nearby village of Vynohradne.

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