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«Go to school to go to war and die.» 76-year-old artist Elena Osipova holds anti-war picket on Children's Day

In St. Petersburg, artist Elena Osipova, who had been attacked by unknown assailants on May 9, held another picket putting her works on display. The action was timed to the Children's Day, and symbolized protecting children from the horrors of war.

Posters created by Osipova read: «We go to school to go to war and die» and «People of the Earth! When you kill all the »enemies,» will there be murderers left?»

Photo: Andrey Bok
Photo: Andrey Bok

Elena Osipova is a well-known St. Petersburg activist who regularly attends protest rallies. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, she has been detained repeatedly for anti-war actions. Osipova has been called the «conscience of St. Petersburg.» For 20 years she has been protesting wars and other actions of the Russian government.

On May 9, unknown assailants attacked the 76-year-old artist. Two young men ran up to Osipova as she was leaving her house, grabbed her anti-war posters and fled. The artist was about to hold a solo picket with her posters near NevskyProspect during the «Immortal Regiment» procession.

In March 2022, the artist was detained multiple times at rallies; footage of Osipova and OMON riot police went viral on social media and in the press. Many Western media outlets reported on Osipova.

In April, Italian MPs awarded Osipova the title of honorary citizen of Milan as «a sign of solidarity and closeness to a woman who is a symbol for Russian citizens.»

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