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Single mom denounced by neighbor, fined for anti-war drawings

The Ordzhonikidze district court in Ufa fined 30-year-old Regina Ibragimova 15,000 rubles for «discrediting» the Russian army. The woman, who is raising her son alone, hung two anti-war drawings on her window. Her neighbor Yelena Safonova denounced her to the police.

Ibrahimova pinned the drawings on the window back on February 25. They hung for two months, but at the end of April the police came to the woman's house. They said they came following a complaint filed by Safonova and drew up a protocol in respect of Ibragimova. While they were in the apartment, she «did not think of photographing» the protocol and went to the police station to get a copy.

Once at the station, the woman asked the interrogator to show her the materials of the case. She replied that the documents were not ready yet and told Ibragimova to try and get them at the court. At the court she was told that the documents would be ready only on May 5, the date of the hearing.

At the hearing, Ibragimova learned that Safonova had sent a complaint not only to the police, but also to the Commissioner for Children's Rights in Bashkiria. «With such an unpatriotic stance, she will not be able to raise a patriot of our homeland, also she herself is not loyal to the state during such a sensitive period. This citizen's public actions distort the nature and goals of the special military operation and are aimed at belittling the dignity of the country's Armed Forces, the people's trust in them,» Mediazona quotes the complaint.

In addition, Safonova demanded «to check how she [Ibragimova] has been bringing up her child, what views she has been instilling in him from childhood, whether he can grow up to be a patriot of his Fatherland with such a mother.» «The drawings show that the mother wrote the slogans together with the child, that is, she dictated to him and drummed her principles into his head, which further aggravates the guilt of this citizen as a mother who is supposed to be raising a new generation of Russia».

After that, Ufa Public Security Center officers came to visit Ibragimova. They photographed her living conditions, took an explanatory note from her and a characteristic of her as a communal apartment resident from her neighbors. One of them told Mediazona she was asked «leading questions,» but she spoke well about her roommate.

Later, Olga Panchikhina, the Commissioner for Children's Rights in Bashkiria, told Mediazona the guardianship authorities would not be checking on Ibragimova.

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