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Oppositionist fined for «discrediting Russian army» by posting Vietnam War protests photo

Moscow's Tushino District Court fined politician Ilya Yashin 30,000 rubles for «discrediting the Russian army» by publishing a 1969 photograph of the Vietnam War protests, SOTA reports.

Yashin published the photo on his Telegram channel on April 7. «»Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.» 50 years have passed, and the slogans are still relevant,» the politician wrote under the photo.

Yashin was summonsed by the court on May 11. Four different charges were brought against him under the Criminal Code article on «discrediting» the army. On May 13 Yashin familiarized himself with the materials of the case in court.

«The Center for Countering Extremism accuses me of posting a photo of a rally against the Vietnam War, which took place in Washington 55 years ago. The photo shows girls with a poster «Bombing for Peace is like fucking for virginity,» the politician wrote. «Following the logic of the police, I discredited the Russian army by posting this image. In 1967, though, the Russian army didn't even exist. And the girls in the picture criticized the U.S. military and government... But why would Putin's fighters against extremism care about that?»

Ultimately, Yashin was fined for this very episode. Yashin himself didn't show up for the trial, SOTA reports.

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