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Activists seize ex-Russian deputy prime minister's mansion in Austria

About 30 Austrian activists have seized a mansion on Lake Atterse in Salzkammergut, Kurier writes. It belongs to former First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov. According to media reports, the ex-official was seen at the estate back in March, but in recent weeks the mansion has stood empty.

The Valdvilla manor is located in the municipality of St. Gilgen. The press has published photos of the facade of the mansion »decorated» with banners bearing slogans: «Solidarity with all refugees,» «Sabotage war everywhere,» «Patriarchy is dead.» A banner has been hung in the garden next to the mansion demanding free access to the lake. In recent years, almost all approaches to Lake Atterse have been blocked off by private property.

On social media, the activists who seized the mansion condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and call for the seized property to be given to refugees and the homeless. In mid-March, anarchists seized the mansion of billionaire Oleg Deripaska in London, and in France, activists broke into Vladimir Putin's daughter's villa Alta Mira in Biarritz.

In July 2016, the Anti-Corruption Foundation published an investigation showing that Shuvalov had been using a private Bombardier Global Express jet with an M-VQBI license plate worth about $50 million. According to ACF, that plane was also used by Shuvalov's wife, Olga, who also flew her Corgis to dog shows.

In June 2018, Forbes reported that Shuvalov's family owns a Gulfstream G650 business jet worth about $70 million. Shuvalov also owns a £11.4 million home in central London and an $8 million villa in Dubai, according to OCCRP.

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