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«The eyes of Azovstal», photographer Orest posted his latest photos from the plant. He is preparing for captivity

Photographer Orest, whose photos and videos documented what was happening at Azovstal, is preparing for captivity. He published his latest photos from the plant and a link to an archive of his works, asking that they be sent to contests.

«Well, that's it. Thanks for the shelter, Azovstal, the place of my death and my life,» the photographer wrote.

Orest also asked everyone to send his pictures to photo contests. «By the way, while I'm in captivity, I will leave you my photos in better quality, do send them to all journalism awards and photo contests, if I win something, I'll be very pleased after my release. Thank you all for your support. See you soon,» Orest wrote.

Orest's photos were often published by the world media. He has been called «the eyes of Azovstal,» because from his photos and videos provided a firsthand view of what was happening inside the besieged plant. He captured both the feats of the Ukrainian defenders and the war crime committed by the Russians in Mariupol.

«I remembered an old dream today: nine years ago, when I was still studying in Poland, in the evenings I took a big backpack, threw a lot of books in it and went to a stadium to run, I dreamed of becoming a war correspondent. At that time I could not believe it would become a reality,» Orest wrote on March 24.

On May 2, Orest posted selfies next to a blooming tree in Mariupol.

«This photo would be perfect for the last photo, so everyone would remember me like this. This photo is the one that best characterizes me, I can find something beautiful even in the most terrible. But I believe this photo will be only the beginning. The beginning of the liberation of all civilians from Mariupol, the evacuation of our wounded, and perhaps the beginning of the liberation of Mariupol by our troops,» Orest wrote.

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