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Novosibirsk officials receive Z-guides for lining up children to form «patriotic» symbols

Municipalities in the Novosibirsk region have received methodical guidelines telling them how to organize patriotic events. The regional government's Center for Civil, Patriotic Education and Public Projects circulated a document which recommends lining up schoolchildren and university students in the shape of the letter Z. They also suggest launching an Internet challenge: hold hands in the shape of the letter V, take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag #silaVpravde (strength in truth). This was reported by the NGS news site which got hold of the document.

The guide was circulated before the events in support of the «Crimean Spring» (dedicated to the annexation of Crimea on March 18, 2014).

«We inform you that a number of «Russia - Crimea - Donbass» activities <Donbass is written with a single »s» in the document - The Insider> have been planned as part of the all-Russian Crimean Spring campaign (March 18). We enclose methodological guidelines for the organization and conduct of events scheduled for this date to be used in your work, taking into account the sanitary and epidemiological situation. When covering the events, it is necessary to use hashtags: #ZaMir, #ZaRussia, #ZaPresident», says the letter signed by AllaDanilevskaya, Director of the Center for Patriotic Education.

Attached to the letter is a 9-page guide. It is recommended to display the letter Z on the walls of buildings in the form of graffiti or light projections or patterns of lighted windows on dark background. Novosibirsk government officials recommend lining up schoolchildren and university students in the shape of the letter Z. Students of patriotic clubs and cadet schools are advised to say the slogan »Get to work, brothers» when addressing members of the Russian military who are now in Ukraine. In addition, the authors of the guide recommend taking pictures of hands interlocked in the shape of the letter V and posting them online with the hashtag #silaVpravde.

The document also suggests recording videos praising Russian statesmen of non-Russian origin. It is recommended to say they were proud to serve Russia.

Alla Danilevskaya told journalists that the recommendations «are not binding and could be used at the discretion of the municipalities. No report on the fulfillment of the recommendations is required, the official says. According to her, the recommendations are necessary lest people forget about public holidays in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

«Let's spread something interesting, kind, and clever,» Danilovskaya told the NGS journalists. »If you go out on the street and ask people when to celebrate Russia Day, Flag Day, National Unity Day, not everyone will probably answer. And the right thing to do is to know your history, to study ... You agree with me, right?»

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