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Pussy Riot band member prosecuted for burning Putin's effigy and Russian flag in Tbilisi

A criminal case was initiated against Anna Kuzminykh, director and Pussy Riot band member, under Article 329 of Russia’s Criminal Code (“outrages upon the state flag of the Russian Federation”) on May 11, informs Telegram channel Ostorozhno Novosti.

Late in March, Kuzminykh and a group of activists threw an “Easter performance” near a Georgian water reservoir. The performance included ring dances and songs and culminated with the burning of an effigy bearing the portrait of the Russian president.

According to the channel’s source, a few days later, FSB officers “stumbled upon” the recording in Kuzminykh's account. Another object burned on the occasion was a Russian flag brought by one of the spectators, according to the Avtozak Live Telegram channel. When the effigy was set on fire, the flag at some point ended up on fire too – unbeknownst to the organizers, points out Avtozak Live.

As Anna Kuzminykh told the Avtozak Live correspondent, no one had informed her about the criminal case.

If found guilty, she faces restraint or deprivation of liberty for a term of up to one year, compulsory labor for the same term, or arrest for a term of three to six months.

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