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Russia is shipping stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria, says Ukrainian intelligence

A considerable share of the grain Russia has been stealing from Ukraine is being shipped across the Mediterranean Sea on bulk carriers with Russian flags, writes the Chief Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on its Facebook page. According to the HUR, the vessels are most likely headed for Syria, possibly for further smuggling of the cargo to other Middle Eastern countries.

Unlawfully seized Ukrainian grain is also being shipped to the annexed Crimean peninsula. As the HUR reports, a convoy of Russian vehicles has set out to Crimea from Enerhodar, and grain is being prepared for shipment in Polohy, Zaporizhzhia. Furthermore, 1,500 tonnes of grain crops have been transferred to Crimea from Mala Lepetykha, Kherson Region.

In the village of Volokhiv Yar near Kharkiv, collaborators are helping the Russian military to pillage grain barns. Trucks with stolen grain are headed for the Russian border.

In addition, as the HUR emphasized, Russian troops are transporting large volumes of appropriated vegetables – red beet, potatoes, and cabbage – to Crimea.

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