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The Seimas of Lithuania has recognized Russia as a terrorist state, Delfi reports. The newspaper says the resolution, which called Russia «a state that supports and perpetrates terrorism,» was passed unanimously by 128 votes.

The document says Russian armed forces have committed mass war crimes in Ukraine, the majority of those killed were in Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, Borodyanka and Hostomel. According to the parliament, the intent is to wholly or partially destroy the Ukrainian nation and break its spirit.

The resolution also demands that all perpetrators be held accountable and that the international community establish a Special International Criminal Tribunal, which should have the power to issue international arrest warrants and not be limited by state immunity or the immunity of the heads of state and government and other public officials.

Previously, Lithuania banned the display of the St. George's ribbon, as well as of the symbols Z and V, under the penalty of a fine of €300 to €700 for individuals and €600 to €1200 for companies. For repeat violations, the fines will increase to €900 and €1500, respectively.

According to a parliament press release, it is prohibited to «promote, distribute or display any symbols of totalitarian or authoritarian regimes that were or are being used by such regimes for military aggression, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed or being committed by them.»

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