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Zelensky: «We are fighting for our children's freedom, so we will win. Soon Ukraine will have two Victory Days.»

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky posted a greeting video to May 9 Victory Day on his Telegram channel. He promised Ukrainians that soon the country will be celebrating a second Victory Day.

«We are fighting for our children's freedom, which means we will win. We will never forget what our ancestors did during World War II, in which more than eight million Ukrainians died. And very soon Ukraine will have two Victory Days. And some will have none. We won then. We will win now. And Khreshchatyk will see a Victory parade - Ukraine's Victory! Happy Day of Victory over Nazism! Glory to Ukraine!», the president wrote.

According to Zelensky, the past day showed that Ukraine is truly a part of the free world and united Europe. «This is a clear contrast to Moscow's loneliness in evil and hatred, which everyone will see tomorrow,» concluded the president of Ukraine. He thanked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who arrived in Irpin, Kyiv region, on May 8, for his visit. He also mentioned the visit to Ukraine of the US first lady, the wife of President Joe Biden, Jill Biden. She met in Uzhgorod with Zelensky's wife, Olena.

Earlier, CNN quoted British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and an unnamed Pentagon spokesman as saying that Vladimir Putin might declare war on Ukraine on May 9, which would allow for a general mobilization of the population. After this, Volodin, the speaker of the State Duma, stated there were no plans for mobilization. Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov also denied the possibility of a mobilization being declared. «This is nonsense,» Peskov said.

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