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Shot in the legs, a 15-year-old girl from Popasna drove a car through minefields under fire to evacuate heavily wounded adults

A 15-year-old Ukrainian girl, Lisa Chernyshenko, got behind the wheel herself and drove four heavily injured adults from Popasna through minefields under enemy fire. The full video of her story was handed over to The Insider by First Medical Association of Lviv.

The girl said that she learned to drive when she was seven years old. She decided to get behind the wheel so she could transport the wounded as quickly as possible before they lost too much blood. Liza was going to take them to Bakhmut, but on the way out of Popasna the car was shot up by Russian soldiers. The girl sustained a leg injury: her left pinky toe was shot off and a bullet hit her knee. Despite that, she continued to drive.

«There was little I could do, the car stalled. I barely managed to start it, and we drove on. But then the car stalled again, because the battery was hit by a bullet. I drove as fast as I could. Of course, it wasn't easy, it hurt a lot, but at least it was something. I wouldn't leave them under fire,» Lisa said.

Lisa's knee was pierced by a bullet, and later she had part of her toe amputated. The military helped her and her passengers to get to St. Nicholas Hospital in Bakhmut. The hospital manager, doctor Zoryana Ivanyuk, says the girl and the adults are now under the care of doctors.

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